Victoria Band Now Trapped in the 80’s

Victoria, BC  - Government documents leaked by Celine Dion prove that time travel Is possible. Unfortunately, if citizens purposefully or accidentally travel back in time, the government won’t do much to help them get back to the current year. Local hip hop band, Illvis Freshly, were having a “boys’ night out” when their DJ, Mt.… Continue reading Victoria Band Now Trapped in the 80’s

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Why Are You so Anxious?

Image up top by Loading Artist  Content Warning: Trauma, abuse “What do you have to be anxious or depressed about?” is a question a lot of young people can be asked. Sometimes you see memes mocking teenagers in this way. Well, young people can actually have A LOT of things going on to be causing… Continue reading Why Are You so Anxious?

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Handcrafted Bookmarks by Hellobirdy Co.

Hey Bibliophiles! Hellobirdy Co. has opened up her shop. You can buy beautiful, handcrafted bookmarks. I purchased two custom bookmarks and was gifted one for my birthday! I wanted to share them with you because they are all pleasing to the eye (yes, even the Pickle Rick one). She is currently adding new stock to… Continue reading Handcrafted Bookmarks by Hellobirdy Co.

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Game of Thrones Though!

NOTE: Parts of this post will contain spoilers for Game of Thrones, including the season seven finale. Compared to most people, I’m a newer fan to both the books and TV series of Game of Thrones. I saw it when it first came out and somewhat enjoyed the first couple of episodes. I thought the… Continue reading Game of Thrones Though!


Illvis Freshly – Upside Down [Video]

A couple of days ago, my favorite Vancouver Island band, Illvis Freshly, released a new video for their song "Upside Down." It has already reached over 10, 000 views! The tune reflects on the reality of the downfalls of being a "party girl." I am sure a lot of us ladies who were still in party… Continue reading Illvis Freshly – Upside Down [Video]

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Funkmaster & Hip Hop Group Help Kickstart the Reversal of Global Warming

Victoria, BC. Today, on Earth Day of all days, scientists have discovered a new source that has kickstarted the reversal of global warming. The music producer, Slynk produced a track with Illvis Freshly called “So Cool.” As it turns out, the title of the song truly speaks for itself. The Master of Funk created sounds… Continue reading Funkmaster & Hip Hop Group Help Kickstart the Reversal of Global Warming

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I Hate Fairyland – A Fairy Tale for Adults

I Hate Fairyland is a fairly new comic series by Skottie Young. Like the title of this post says, it’s a fairy tale for adults. It follows Gertrude, a little girl who gets transported into a mythical world called Fairyland. All she has to do is find a key and she gets to go home!… Continue reading I Hate Fairyland – A Fairy Tale for Adults


The Red Rising Trilogy

Please note; I would like to allow discussion of the books in the comments so please be aware there could be spoilers. If you do post spoilers please indicate it at the TOP of your comment! Dystopian books have quickly become a favorite for me. The Red Rising Trilogy left me feeling sad when I… Continue reading The Red Rising Trilogy

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How I Learned to be Happy (80 % of the time)

Yes, this is another one of those ridiculous articles where some know-it-all talks about their happiness. Don’t worry, I’m not going to pretend as if happiness comes easy to everyone. It sure wasn’t easy for me in the past.  I know from experience that mental and physical illnesses can affect how happy a person is.… Continue reading How I Learned to be Happy (80 % of the time)