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Freddy Krueger Kidnapped The New Groovement

(Victoria, BC) The Victoria, BC band, The New Groovement has got themselves in quite the pickle. The entire band spent days waiting for someone to pick them up from the airport. Unfortunately, they all grew tired of waiting and fell asleep. No one was able to awaken them from their slumber!

Friends and family of the band now believe that they’re all fighting Freddy Krueger. We all thought he was just a horror movie villain but recent events all over the world have shown us otherwise. People have been describing dreams where they are being chased by Freddy. Some say their loved ones told tales of their dreams before suddenly dying.

Brain scans of the members of The New Groovement show that they’re all experiencing extreme fear as they sleep. In spite of this, they’re all holding it together. Family members dropped off their instruments in hopes they will be useful in dream world as well.



Check out The New Groovement’s new video for their track, “Waiting.” Follow their Facebook page to keep up to date on their upcoming album!

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