Anxiety, Depression

Why Are You so Anxious?

Image up top by Loading Artist 

Content Warning: Trauma, abuse

“What do you have to be anxious or depressed about?” is a question a lot of young people can be asked. Sometimes you see memes mocking teenagers in this way. Well, young people can actually have A LOT of things going on to be causing them anxiety and depression.  Mental illness does not discriminate. Whether a person is 14 or 80, anxiety and depression can have a major impact on their life.

Many people are also not aware of how much trauma can influence a person’s mental health.  I still struggle with anxiety and depression as a result of a traumatic childhood. I have taken steps like therapy but some things will still creep up on you. Sometimes, when I hear a loud noise, like a motorcycle going by, I panic. This is something I’m still working on.

I struggled a lot in my early teen years. I had trouble making friends because it was hard to relate to other people. There were times where I never thought I would be happy again. At the time, I didn’t realize that a lot of what I was experiencing was because of anxiety and depression. I was afraid of making mistakes. It took a lot out of me to ask for help with certain things.  Now, imagine if you tell a 14-year-old kid who has experienced abuse, loss of a parent, having to move out of the living parent’s house, and health issues that they don’t have anything to be anxious about. That sounds a bit ridiculous, now doesn’t it? I went through all of these things and so have a lot of other 14-year-old kids.

I have a lot of empathy for the kids this happens to because I know a lot of them have probably been through similar things that I have had to endure. There are several studies that show how much traumatic experiences impact a person’s mental health. This is something to think about next time you ask a kid what they to be depressed or anxious about.

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