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Game of Thrones Though!

NOTE: Parts of this post will contain spoilers for Game of Thrones, including the season seven finale.

Compared to most people, I’m a newer fan to both the books and TV series of Game of Thrones. I saw it when it first came out and somewhat enjoyed the first couple of episodes. I thought the twincest was a little weird but I liked the characters and story. For some reason, I didn’t keep watching. Around the time season six came out, I ended up binge watching the entire series and I am glad that I did! It turns out that everyone was right. It is one of the best shows on TV right now. The character and plot development sucked me right in.

Now, I know the show isn’t perfect, especially in the most recent season but it still kept me entertained the entire time, which says a lot. I decided to do a fun post about some thoughts I have had during my time watching the series!  I am just picking the first, third, and most recent season so this isn’t a ridiculously long list.

The rest of this post will be dark and full of spoilers so continue at your own risk!

Season One –

  1. Did Jaime really just push a child out the window? What a douche.
  2. Sansa is SO annoying (I thought this several times).
  3. Arya is such a badass (Again, a thought that crossed my mind several times.
  4. They are really going with that whole twincest plot point, aren’t they?
  5. Well as long as Cersei and Jaime really love each other… ?
  7. Come on, Sansa, Joff is a total douche.
  8. Okay, Sansa is just a kid really, so I should give her a break.
  9. She is annoying AF still though.
  10. Ugh, so lame that Daenerys is being forced into marriage. She is so young!
  11. Is Dany really going to eat that heart?
  12. Yes.. slay girl, slay!
  13. How about Ned Stark, eh?
  14. Goodbye Ned. I sense a lot of violence headed several ways.
  15. OH hey… dragons!

Season Three

  1. SO Brienne is really going to take Jaime back to King’s Landing?
  2. I hope Arya finds her family.
  3. Will Dany’s dragons grow?
  4. Will Dany get supporters?
  5. OH – hell yes, Dany will get more supporters
  6. Will the Red Wedding episode have something to do with Sansa and Joffrey? (Yes, I somehow avoided those spoilers over the years. I had just heard of the episode!)
  7. My God. So this is what the Red Wedding episode is all about.
  8. I.P Starks
  9. Really shitty timing for Arya.
  10. Will Bran find the three-eyed raven?
  11. MY. GOD/ Did Ramsey just do that?
  12. OH – he did. Sorry, Theon, I don’t feel too bad for you though, brah.

Season Seven

  2. This season is going by pretty fast
  3. Is there really only seven episodes?
  4. I get why there are mixed reviews but I am still entertained.
  5. WTF JAIME, Why are you going after a woman who has a massive dragon behind her.
  6. Yeah, at this point, I am somehow a fan of Jaime.
  7. Good save, Bronn
  8. There is no way Jon will bend the knee.
  9. Aww, good job on curing Jorah, Sam!
  10. Sam, shut up for a moment and listen to your partner
  11. Just how fast can Gendry actually run?
  12. Will we see Gendry again? Will Arya see him again?!
  13. Well now Dany HAS to believe Jon about the White Walkers and the Wights.
  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not a dragon! ☹ ☹ ☹
  15. Of course the Night King wants a dragon for himself.
  16. Bran, good job saying ridiculous shit to Sansa. There’s a whole lot more you could have told her then.
  17. A bit later we find out that Sam supposedly was listening to Gilly.
  18. So Jon is the heir to the Iron Throne
  19. I love how it is cutting to the scene of him and Dany getting it on as Sam explain that Jon isn’t a bastard after all
  20. I guess Dany is the one “bending the knee” for Jon… if ya catch my drift 😉
  21. NO Wight Dragon VS regular dragon fight? BOOOOURNS.
  22. But I guess the cool blue flames make up for it….. a bit.

AND NOW … we WAIT and wait for the series finale! At least I have three more books to read/listen to for now!

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