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Funkmaster & Hip Hop Group Help Kickstart the Reversal of Global Warming

Victoria, BC. Today, on Earth Day of all days, scientists have discovered a new source that has kickstarted the reversal of global warming. The music producer, Slynk produced a track with Illvis Freshly called “So Cool.” As it turns out, the title of the song truly speaks for itself. The Master of Funk created sounds that were so cool that the Earth’s temperature began to decline.

Dr. Bob Boberson, a professor in the Earth and Ocean Sciences department at the University of Victoria was the lead researcher for this amazing discovery.

Boberson said “The musicians just wanted to bring funky vibes to the people but they brought so much more. The funny lyrics delivered by Illvis Freshly combined with the stellar bass and funk brought by Slynk just might be what saves this planet!”

Boberson explained that if as many people as possible  listen to this track, it will be within the next 10 years, global warming will have been completely reversed. He wanted us to note that people should be careful not to listen too much because we don’t need another Ice Age.

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