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I Hate Fairyland – A Fairy Tale for Adults

I Hate Fairyland is a fairly new comic series by Skottie Young. Like the title of this post says, it’s a fairy tale for adults. It follows Gertrude, a little girl who gets transported into a mythical world called Fairyland. All she has to do is find a key and she gets to go home!

Unfortunately for Gertrude, she never makes it home. Now she is a 40-something year old woman trapped in an 8-year-old’s body. Her trusty sidekick, a weird bug thing named Larry, begrudgingly follows Gertrude as she reeks havoc in Fariyland as she attempts to find her way home.

i hate fairyland 7 banner

I Hate Fariyland has several awesome qualities throughout the series so far. Mainly the juxtaposition of the whimsical art with the dark humour and storyline. Not to mention Gertrude is a narcissistic psycho who only cares for herself. The cute creatures often become evil looking or they just end up being murdered by Gertrude so that she can move forward in her adventures. All swear words are replaced by cute words because people are not allowed to swear in Fairyland.  So once again the cute and whimsical aspects contrast well with the messed-up situations that Gertrude gets herself into.

i hate fairyland 4 banner

Seriously though, any comic fan should check this out. Image Comics constantly puts out quality series and I Hate Fariyland is no exception.

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