The Red Rising Trilogy

Please note; I would like to allow discussion of the books in the comments so please be aware there could be spoilers. If you do post spoilers please indicate it at the TOP of your comment!

Dystopian books have quickly become a favorite for me. The Red Rising Trilogy left me feeling sad when I finished. Why? Because I wanted more! Fortunately, Pierce Brown is working on a new book, Iron Gold which will continue the tale.

The Red Rising Trilogy is a tale of classism, an unjust world, and the revolution that will change it all. The class system Is formed through different colours. Gold people are at the top, and Reds are at the bottom. The story is told through Darrow, a young Red man who lives beneath the surface of Mars. He believes that he is helping prepare Mars so that the people of Earth can safely move there. Soon Darrow learns that his people have been lied to and that the truth is that they are all slaves. He meets a rebel group who transforms Darrow into a Gold. Now Darrow must live among the Gold to learn their ways and eventually overthrow them.

The series has many twists and turns. I enjoyed reading all of the books because of all of the unpredictable events that happen. Even right at the end, I was second guessing what would happen until I read the very last page.

Pierce Brown did an amazing job with the world building. He uses unique descriptors for technology but the reader will easily be able to understand what he means. The descriptions for each colour group conveys how classism flows through the Red Rising universe. I could sense that the Golds were “high society” and that the Reds were the bottom dwellers.

The action scenes are also well thought out. Whenever it came to a high paced action scene, I had visions in my head what was going on. You know it’s good writing when your imagination runs wild. There was a lot of suspense all throughout the series. Pierce Brown knows how to build up the tension. He also knows how to tug at the heartstrings!

Another factor that makes this series brilliant was all of the relationships. Darrow makes several friends and enemies along the way. All of the central characters have strong development throughout the series on their own and through their relationships with each other. The strong bonds that Darrow builds carry him through the difficult times.

All of the books kept me up reading until 5:00 AM at some point! It was just too hard to put them down! I can’t wait for Iron Gold to come out! If you’ve read the series, let me know what you thought about it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “The Red Rising Trilogy”

    1. I hear that! I get what you mean about being a bit slow for the first book. I think a lot of first books in series can be like that as the author wants to introduce the story and characters!

      I am glad I read the series too! Are you reading anything now?

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      1. I want to ask what how you feel about the end SPOILER SPOILER lol but how did you feel about the Cassius and them entering through him?

        Currently I’m reading the second book in the codex alera series, arcane by sever brony, and dear agony 😂 how about you?


      2. SPOILERS!

        The end was so nerve wracking haha! I was’t sure if Cassius was in on it or not. I was happy with the ending. There was tons of suspense and action which was great. I also believe that Darrow grew a lot near the end which is why he was able to win. I think it ended exactly how it should have. i can’t wait for Iron Gold to come out now.

        I about to start Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie! Last book in the First Law Trilogy! Great fantasy series if that is your jam!

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      3. SPOILERS SPOILERS again. The ending was great but the only thing that bugged me was Darrow had internal thoughts (it’s been a while so I don’t remember exactly) where he was like “oh no what am I going to do” ha so I was confused why he was thinking like that if he knew the plan.

        I will have to move that up my to read list! Fantasy is the best 😍


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